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Finding Customers

mpgifThere are smart uses of technology that provide real benefits. With mobile wireless technologies we are still in a "look what we can do" mode where people are developing proof of concept applications and small pilot projects that are usually the purview of the geek set.

The people at MeetingPoint have such an application. Basically in a nutshell the technology allows users with the right devices to receive an alert tone when they are within 30' of a similar device held by an individual they want to meet up with.

The application runs on Smart Phones and PCs and uses Bluetooth.

The technology is useful in crowded environments like trade shows, airports, train stations, etc.

While this technology is not yet ready for mass adoption this kind of application is coming. You will be able to find people quickly and easily saving time and energy. A boom for customer service and relationship building at conferences and trade shows.

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