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B2B Lead Generation Blog

B2b_lead_gen_blogAll the cool marketing kids are reading B2B Lead Generation Blog. Shouldn't you be also?

Brian links to studies and stories relevant to generating and nurturing sales leads in B2B marketing organizations. Cool!

From a recent post:

Sales people want selling time more than sales leads

Ask most executives and marketers what sales people need and they will say, "more leads." Your sales people don’t want more leads actually, what they want is "more effective selling time."

A recent report by Aberdeen Group, “Sales Effectiveness: Helping Sales Sell” concludes, “The number one issue for most CEO's and Marketers is lead generation - getting more leads to their sales team." The number one desire for sales people however, is MORE selling time with “sales ready” opportunities.


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You're right most people think what they need is more leads but they're wrong.

It's true you need leads to close sales, but most people just go after leads instead of creating a lead generation system that prompts prospects to contact them and convert them to clients.

Over and over I hear from prospects how they've purchased leads that turned into a waste of time.

Why not stop wasting time chasing lousy leads and use a simple and reliable system for getting as many leads as you can handle and convert more leads to sales?


Charlie Cook
Small Business Marketing Expert

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Posted by: Charlie Cook, Small Business Marketing Expert | Jul 25, 2005 8:16:54 AM

I know that if I hadn’t bitten the bullet and invested in professional marketing services, my lead generation would be dead in the water. I just didn’t have the time to drum up leads. Believe me, they are important – without them I would probably selling pencils somewhere :)

Posted by: Pamela | Mar 24, 2006 1:19:26 PM