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18 Year Old Lessons in Communications

Last night I went to my nephew's 18th birthday party. He's excited about heading off to college this fall. What I am continually struck by is how different his world is from my own experience at his age. The primary difference between us is communications technology. While I wrote letters with ink on paper to my family from college and waited in my room for my weekly phone call from my parents he goes off to college cell phone in pocket with a family plan that enables him to call and be called at any time day or night. On top of that he has email, instant messaging and blogging. His world is all about communicating. His first question when he opened his new Play Station 2 video game system was could he network it for multiplayer gaming.

His story is paralleled in marketing communications these days. New tools are making B2B communications easier and easier. Companies are busy starting B2B email newsletters and blogs to communicate with customers and prospects. Everyone talks about the value of relationship building and increased communication. Here my nephew's experience holds another lesson. All of his communication tools increase the amount of communication he has with friends and family but not necessarily the quality of his communication. Having overheard many of his cell phone conversations they seem only to verify that everyone is simply hanging out, nothing is being done and not much is actually up.

New communication tools lead to increased communications but not necessarily increased value in that communication. Unless you can consistently provide high quality valuable relevant content your communication will be disregarded by customers and prospects.

So how do you provide the highest quality of content that will cut through the info clutter and become a value added must read for your customers and prospects? Consider outsourcing your B2B email newsletters. There are several advantages but the greatest is the ability to tap into excellent freelance writers who bring expertise in your industry.

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