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Farming vs. Hunting

coinsI recently met with my financial manager who has an excellent understanding of building customer relationships. The purpose of our meeting was to discuss a realignment of financial instruments that would result in the elimination of his ongoing management fees. Was he laying me off as a client? Certainly not! He is smart enough to act in the best interest of his clients even when it results in lower fees from those clients. This is the best practice since his business is built on trust and referrals. I trust him and feel even better now that I've seen yet another example of how he supports my best interests. Will I refer him? Absolutely! That's the payoff for him. He realizes that his desire to be a "farmer" gently nurturing and tending client portfolios is evolving into more and more "hunting" finding new clients and setting up investments that will serve their needs. Of course the path to new clients is through existing clients.

Have you demonstrated your care for your clients best interests lately?

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