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Lead Me

cardealersYesterday I had occasion to drive past the dealership where I purchased my current car. The dealership is owned by a friend of a friend so I feel good about the deal I got all these years later. What I remember most was this friend of a friend having me work with one of his new sales people. A month after the sale I received a phone call from the sales person and then a Christmas card a few months later. Then...nothing. I haven't heard from the sales person or the dealership again despite having the same address and phone number. What's missing? A lead nurturing program. In this case one that lasts years. Sooner or later I am going to buy another car.

What techniques do you find helpful or not helpful in nurturing sales leads?

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I use a service called AmazingMail (www.amazingmail.com) to create high quality and relatively inexpensive postcards. For about $1 each, I send thank you cards, follow-up cards, cards with promotional offers, etc. Because you simply upload your own .jpg image, you can easily create individual custom cards or small batches that are very tailored. You can also upload databases for mass mailing. I find these much more impactful than email or letters and at a much lower cost for full color than traditional printing. It works very well for me.

Posted by: David Paull | Jun 17, 2004 12:58:03 PM