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Tips for Making Women Friendly Websites

As you develop more and more intuition about who your customers are you realize that you need to design every aspect of your business to meet the needs and wants of your customers. For many businesses it's all about their website. These days it's more and more important to reach out and appeal to women.

Yvonne over at Lipsticking offers five tips for making your website female friendly.

1. Compliment successful women in your industry.

2. Offer a loyalty program that actually means something.

3. Offer quizzes.

4. Find a way to allow women to personalize your homepage.

5. Develop a bulletin board where women can post messages.

I would certainly add Write a Blog to the list above. Women love scoop or inside information on a product or service. What better way to communicate timely information about yourself, your company or your product. Beyond that you can talk about the other five items on the list. For more detail on the list of five click on over and read the list in detail.

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HI! Thanks for the ping-back! This is good stuff. Hmmm... I see several of my friends over in your Interesting People links...no Yvonne? Sad, sad Yvonne. Yvonne will add you to Lip-sticking, only because you have lots of good stuff here. Notice how I use really big, important words, like...stuff. Anyway, I've already found some useful information for Lip-sticking, so it's my lucky day to have you mention me on your blog. :-) All's well that end's well. Cheers.

Posted by: Yvonne DiVita | Jul 16, 2004 5:36:24 AM