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Zoom in For Sales

carcamCompanies all over are finding new ways to connect with customers and enhance the buying experience. A car dealer in northern Michigan discovered a new technology at a hockey game that's providing a sales boost to his dealership.

About 40 of the on average 600 vehicles sold each month at northern Michigan auto dealer Bill Marsh Auto are now sold online, thanks in part to web cams visitors to Billmarsh.com can use to view and zoom in on cars actually on the lot. For visitors who don’t want to buy online, the feature is serving to preview cars and bring customers in the door.

This technology is proving to be extremely valuable in this remote area as customers travel up to 70 miles to visit the dealership. The user controlled features of the webcams provide prospective customers the ability to examine vehicles in detail.

Some reps even take cell phones out to the lot, showing additional detail by opening doors for an inside view, for example, at the request of online customers controlling the web cam from home or work.
Customers even use the cameras to zoom in on windshields to see the one price sticker on the vehicles.

Everywhere technology is changing how customers and business relate. As people become more and more comfortable using the web to make large and small consumer purchases their willingness to use the web to engage in B2B relationships increases.


[Bill Marsh Automotive Group]

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