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Metro Scale Wi-Fi Provides Real Time Customer Data

Mesh networks that connect Wi-Fi hotspots are being created to cover entire communities. These technologies are simultaneously increasing customer intuition data and cutting the labor costs in collecting it. Customers and the utility are able to see usage patterns in real time.

Tropos Networks, the leading supplier of equipment used to build metro-scale Wi-Fi networks, today announced that the City of Corpus Christi, Texas, will deploy the Tropos Wi-Fi system for use by the city-owned water and gas utilities, public works departments, and public safety agencies. The city anticipates significant cost savings and increased effectiveness in the mobile workforce as a result of the wireless broadband network. After successful deployment of the 18.5 square mile first phase, the city plans a complete build-out of the entire 147 square miles of Corpus Christi by March of 2005.

The most immediate cost savings will be seen as a result of the automated gas and water meter reading that will utilize the Tropos metro-scale Wi-Fi system to relay automatically generated usage information twice per day from all meters in the coverage area. By eliminating the need for utility personnel to visit each meter and manually record customer consumption, the city can more quickly and accurately provide up-to-date billing information to their service recipients. Additionally, utility customers have immediate, real-time usage data available to them through a Web-based billing and information system run by the city and automatically updated with each wireless meter polling.[link]

Technology is changing some of the oldest data collection based operations around.

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