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Missed Opportunities for Blogs

Despite great PR attention there's a shortage of really cool well done useful product marketing blogs. I did come across this interesting list of ten missed opportunities.

Newman's Own Organic Dog Food- not even a website here.
Teva Makes Sandals For Sore-Footed Elephant- Sandal company could use PR to engage customers.
Starbucks Misses Perfect Opportunity for Moblog- Starbucks promotional events are invisible.
Rowenta Sponsors Extreme Ironing Sport and Website- Iron maker misses opportunities for photobloging.
Pomegranate Juice- Missing an opportunity for a promotional blog.
DaimlerChrylser Xmas Stunt Makes the NY Times and Misses Multi-Media OpportunityPR events are good opportunities for blogs that engage customers.
WD40's Anniversary Site- Everybody has or needs a perfect use and story for this product.
Ditties: Dumb Name, Smart Tampon Marketing That Needs a Blog- What can I say women love to communicate.
Trojan Condoms Boring Site, Missed Opportunity- All sorts of educational and entertaining opportunities here.
Sony, Lego and Marvel Collaborate on Spiderman Film- A blog would be an opportunity to tie the film story to the product story.

Surely there are thousands of opportunities out there that could benefit from a well done blog. Any suggestions?

To find out more about blogs read Blogs: What are They Good For? Some Savvy Marketers Say Business


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Starbucks doesn't have a blog?! I'm shocked.
It's interesting how many comments on Starbucks I've seen on other blogs - not all of them positive.
Anything related to Starbucks seems to move through the Web very quickly - including some misinformation. You'd think Starbucks would like to manage the flow of info better by having their own blog.

My favorite Internet bit on Starbucks is this clever "Oracle of Starbucks." If you haven't seen it already, check it out. It's very fun.


Posted by: Susan | Aug 9, 2004 11:44:33 AM

blogs are dead. "something wicked (editor's note: and wonderful) this way comes."

Posted by: kirsten | Aug 15, 2004 9:02:36 AM

Hi: I am the author of the cool list of missed blog opportunities that you run here. The original article ran on my newsletter, What's next Online, http://www.whatsnextonline.com/wno/newsletter040728.cfm and it's also available on my blog, What's Next Blog, at http://www.whatsnextblog.com/archives/000422.asp

In the blogosphere, it is customary to credit and link to an author whose work you use.
B.L. Ochman

Posted by: B.L. Ochman | Sep 18, 2004 10:09:35 AM