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Find Out Who They Are and What They Are Doing Here

Like me, are you sometimes left scratching your head wondering why Amazon.com is recommending some weird stuff to you? It's probably because you purchased a gift for somebody. Amazon thinks you are suddenly into that weird music that your brother-in-law listens to. Amazon should watch the giftwrap option at checkout to see if an item is being purchased for the account holder or someone else. Gifts should have less relevance in the recommendation system.

When considering your own email marketing programs, whether you outsource your email newsletter or not you need to know why readers are interested in your product, service or experience. Is their interest personal, professional or on behalf of someone else. I for one sometimes will opt-in for targeted email marketing for products that may be of interest to my retired parents. Does this mean that I would be interested in special discount offers by e marketing pertaining to fiber supplements? NO, Mom and Dad can handle that on their own. If those email marketers would simply survey me and ask what the nature of my interest is they would know why I subscribe to their enewsletter.

Look out for anomalies in your CRM data. Young people shopping for senior focused products or adults buying toys and never having them shipped to their billing address. Follow up with these customers to figure out who they are and what they are doing with your business. You may just discover entire new markets or ways to improve your strategic internet marketing.

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Wise points. Ah yes, even the mighty Amazon stumbles when it comes to making those computerized assumptions about tastes. Amazon always believes I'm interested in books for babies because my track record is buying those board books for friends. It's interesting that that Amazon hasn't fine-tuned its CRM to track the reviews of books I read - a world apart from those baby books. Perhaps, Amazon will some day figure out my tastes from tracking the reviews I read, and offer me a special deal on one of those reviewed books before I head to Borders.

Posted by: Susan | Sep 8, 2004 11:38:40 AM