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Join the Conversation Customers are Already Having About You

B2B Online has a nice article about B2B blogging. Included is this key insight:

"We as an industry haven't gotten over the psychological barrier to realize that our readers, the members of the industry we serve, talk with one another," Hammock[Rex Hammock, Hammock Publishing] said. He said a Weblog can bring the unheard conversations that occur in the aisles of trade shows out into the open.
This is exactly the point of B2B blogs. Having a conversation with customers and prospects is critical to conversion in these information rich times. Customers are hungry for more information about a company, product, service or experience. They want access to the story behind the headlines and press releases. Blogs are an excellent way to give your business or brand a personality that customers want to converse with.

More information: Blogs: What are They Good For


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