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Connect by Defining Yourself

22901_4434Speaking of words. Are there industry terms or acronyms that you find yourself defining over and over for your clients and customers? I found this to be the case when I worked for an architectural firm. We constantly had to define our terms and jargon. Clients often didn't want to admit that they didn't understand a term we were using to describe some aspect of their project. Many were image conscious and not wanting to appear uninformed or worse stupid. Others felt they would insult us by asking too many basic questions.

Defining terms, lingo and jargon needs to be a staple of your marketing communication. Definitions make a great regular feature in each issue of your opt-in permission based email marketing newsletter.

For the next two weeks keep a notepad with you during phone calls and meetings. Every time you use jargon, a common industry term or acronym write it down or add a tick mark. Every time you are asked to define or explain a term make a star by that term. At the end of the two weeks you will have a prioritized list of the industry terms that your clients and customers need to understand.

If you really want to connect with customers you need to have a common language with which to converse and express yourselves. Defining your terms is a great first step.

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IMHO. You're right on about jargon. What also drives me crazy are the acronyms people use. BTW, if you remember to RTFM, you might find the acronyms spelled out. Then, you could use the words people recognize instead of alienating them with acronyms.

TIA for your reply. I'm sure it will get me ROTFL.

Posted by: Susan | Oct 11, 2004 12:33:45 PM