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Finding History

HbotlogoSometimes historical dates and facts can just slip the mind. Here's a tool to help find the answers to historical queries. When did Columbus sail? Who discovered America? Who shot JFK? You can through these and more at the H-bot and though the wonders of fancy pants algorithms the answers quickly appear. Good help for the homework questions your kids hit you up with?

October 14, 2004 in Web/Tech | Permalink


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The H-BOT is a lot of fun and it's a good example of tool with potential. It also points to what I call the "calculator" phenomenon of the Internet. There's (obviously) lots and lots of information that's easily access on the Internet, and it is increasingly easier to search for it.

However, it is importnant to point out having access to a the sheer volume of information (even if it is searchable) doesn't meant that you are knowledgeable. Information vs. Knowledge. Just like a calculator won't make you brilliant at calculus. It's a tool.

H-BOT says "Here are the kinds of questions I'm good at answering:

- What was the gold standard?
- Who was Lao-Tse?
- When did Charles Lindbergh fly to Paris?
- When was Nelson Mandela born?

I cannot answer "who" or "what" questions"

and certainly not "why."

Posted by: Susan | Oct 18, 2004 3:25:10 PM