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Google Hack for Printed Materials

Google Print is developing search capability for offline printed books and magazines.

Google's mission is to provide access to all the world's information and make it universally useful and accessible. It turns out that not all the world's information is already on the Internet, so Google has been experimenting with a number of publishers to test their content online. During this trial, publishers' content is hosted by Google and is ranked in our search results according to the same technology we use to evaluate websites.

This will take some time to develop but it's worth knowing about if you want to search by keyword for a book or magazine article.

It takes some Google-Fu to do this. Enter a search string like this:

keyword site:google.com (inurl:isbn | inurl:articleid)
-keyword=your desired search term
-site: google.com= limits the search to pages within the google system
-(inurl:isbn)= will return books because the pages have "isbn" in the page url
-(inurl:articleid)= will return magazine articles because the pages have "articleid" in the url
-(inurl:isbn | inurl:articleid)= will return books and magazines.

This is just one example of the advanced search hacks available on Google. It really is amazing all the things Google can do. The more you know about using Google the better you will be at using Google to develop your customer intuition.


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"It turns out that not all the world's information is already on the Internet..."
Ha! Those smart and funny people at Google.

And much as I lament the decrease in the tactile experience of going to the library and finding actual printed material that this advance will surely bring once it's been tested and perfected, I still think it's great. The more information at my fingertips, the better.

Posted by: Sarah | Oct 5, 2004 12:07:31 PM