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Intuiting Email Marketing Behavior

Marketing Vox points to a Double Click study that finds:

DoubleClick published a massive tracking study on email habits, showing that more and more people are becoming slaves to their email (33 percent versus 20 percent from the previous year). The average email user now gets 308 emails a week, up 16 percent, and about two thirds of that is spam.

Some other tidbits:
- 57 percent report getting permission-based emails from offline stores, and 45 percent report the same for catalog companies.
- Almost a third - 32 percent - have made an immediate purchase due to an email (up from 28 percent in 2003).
- Perhaps more importantly, another 30 percent report clicking through an email to learn more information that resulted in a later purchase. Also an additional one in eight people reported clicking through, learning more and then making an offline purchase.

It's important to monitor developments and studies that examine how consumers interact with strategic internet marketing especially opt-in permission email marketing because B2C relationships create a comfort level with online transactions that will translate to the building B2B relationships. Intuiting how your customers interact with consumer oriented email marketing will give you valuable insights that can help you shape your business marketing.


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It's sort of a strange phenomenon: we're getting more spam, but the appearance of all that extra stuff in our bulk or junk folders isn't causing us to just hit delete on anything and everything that comes from anybody soliciting anything; instead we're getting better at determining what is genuine and useful to us. And, I would imagine, the spam surplus has motivated email marketers to more effectively separate their messages as containing something legitimate.

Posted by: Sarah | Oct 19, 2004 2:14:51 PM

My comment is not quite on the point of your posting. But, in addition to be a slave to email, people are becoming slaves to search engines. We simply can't resist "googling" at the click of a mouse. I spotted this amusing item on MarketingVOX|News today.
"According to an MSN study on gender and search, four out of five men have searched for their own name on a search engine, contrasting with the only one out of five women who have done so. Men, not showing much humility, also give themselves an 80 percent satisfaction rating for their own search prowess. Women tend to use more words in a search term, do fewer searches and spend more time doing them. They also tend to look up the doings of their old flings only half as much (four percent) as men."

Posted by: Susan | Oct 25, 2004 2:51:03 PM