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Intuitive Marketers Turn to Keyword Buys in Times of Crisis

CBS/Marketwatch reports that the Vioxx news of this past week is mobilizing lawyers, who smell blood in the water, to buy up adwords to find new customers.

From the article:

As people search for credible sources online, marketers realize that there is an opportunity to target potential customers by sponsoring keywords associated with news as soon as it breaks.

It's exactly what happened when Merck's (MRK: news, chart, profile) $2.5 billion arthritis and painkiller drug was recalled last week. As soon as the news broke, law firms seeking Vioxx takers to represent in lawsuits against Merck began bidding on the term Vioxx. It was $2 per click last Friday, when I wrote about this story.

That could be chump change when compared to the money that a lawsuit could reap for attorneys and plaintiffs.

At last check, that keyword Vioxx is attracting swarms of lawyers and driving the word up to $11.88 on Yahoo's Overture network.

It's bidding frenzies like this that's putting search increasingly on the map.

The point is customers are turning to search in times of crisis. A marketer with polished customer intuition will see the opportunities and jump on opportunities to put search engine marketing to work to find new customers.

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