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Paper Paper: Who Reads Paper Papers

Developing customer intuition means knowing your customers and their habits and practices. Often times a study in the news will prompt a question that's relevant to a better understanding of B2B relationships and educating clients and prospects.

MarketingVox is pointing to a story that has relevance for marketers:

According to the study, over 70 percent of "newspaper loyalists" access the Internet daily, while fewer than 42 percent read a printed newspaper every day. Further, this group is heavily engaged in multi-channel shopping, meaning they use newspapers, the Web and brick and mortar stores to research a purchase and then make that purchase offline. As a result, Yahoo! said marketers should supplement their offline newspaper buys with placements on Internet news sites.

The relevance goes beyond just advertising buys. Knowing that fewer customers are reading paper newspapers can influence the targets for you PR plans. When you do something newsworthy and you or your PR team work to get ink make sure that you get pixels also.

A study like this raises a relevant question that is something worth asking when you talk to customers and prospects. Ask them how they get their news and what web sites they read.

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Yes, it's well documented that print newspaper readership has declined since the rise of other media. But, that doesn't mean that readership of *newspaper* content has declined -

See this--

"A report from NFO Ad:Impact, of Greenwich, Conn., shows that newspaper online sites are among the most visited and recognized locally oriented destinations on the Web."
(Source: http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?BRD=1873&dept_id=217642&newsid=1641544&PAG=461&rfi=9)

That may mean bundling your ad purchase -- print and online from the same publisher.

Just a thought.

Posted by: Susan | Nov 8, 2004 9:58:56 AM