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Tracking Blog Conversations

By now you should be well versed in using Google Alerts to track news and happenings for customers, prospects and customers. But what about the blogsphere? There are great tools out there to track what is being said about the names and keywords that you are most interested in. There is a debate between whether it's better to have a individual from your organization use the available tools or to outsource the tracking of blogs to a service like BlogSquirrel a service that claims to track 100,000 blogs.

Using a service like this does give you the early warning that your keywords are being talked about but they don't help you to be able to participate in those discussions in an effective way. I suggest that an individual who uses the tools everyday will be better positioned to not only discover conversations but participate in those conversations. Their knowledge of your organization and their ability to read and understand the context of the conversations makes them more effective than reactionary tactics like C&Ds and press releases.

We're seeing some old school PR techniques being ported to the digital age. A "clipping" service is relevant when the communication is one way like a newspaper. When the communication is a discussion awareness of the discussion is only the first step.

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