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Intuition Tool: Good Telephone Voice

Do you work on your telephone voice? Does your first telephone call of the day get your best gravel voice? One of my coworkers was explaining his morning telephone voice routine. Each morning before his first call he makes a point to clear his throat and practice his answer line to work out the gravel.

Being in good phone voice is a good for customer intuition. Combining good voice with Caller ID and even CRM tools allows you to infuse your voice with appropriate emotion when taking calls. It may be your best customer calling, next year's best customer or even a problem customer. Your tone of voice will communicate to your caller that you are glad to hear from them. A warm excited greeting will put them at ease and perhaps they will be more candid about the content of their call if they know you are glad to hear from them. People will be quicker to return your calls if they intuitively know by reading your tone of voice that you are glad to hear from them.

Take care of your voice and use technology to help you communicate with authenticity and energy. Customers will respond and connect with you.

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