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Opt-in Email: Are You Opting In?

Many companies are doing email newsletters and blogs to communicate with customers and prospects. Are you routinely signing up for the opt-in enewsletters of your customers, prospects and competitors? These strategic marketing communications are chuck full of customer intuition just laying there ready to be analyzed.

A customer announces new building in their newsletter. They might be ripe for your HR services as their staff grows in the new facility.

The first place a company is likely to announce a new product or service is to their customers via their email marketing or their corporate blog. If you are their competition wouldn't you like a head's up? Shouldn't you be reading along?

Your customer's customers are complaining on the corporate blog about problems with their products or services. You can spot an opportunity for you to help your customer solve their problems.

Monitoring the internet marketing efforts of your customers, prospects and competitors can be a leading indicator that helps you determine the direction and opportunities for your own business.

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