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Corporate Blogs: Good Windshield Tour

Fortune magazine has a good overview of the recent major events in the blogosphere. Since you are reading this blog you know something about blogs but this piece will give you a nice overview of recent happenings.

Blogs are great customer intuition tools since they invite customer feedback through comments and links. Sometimes you can know what a customer is thinking by observing body language, facial expression or tone of voice. At scale this is increasingly difficult. Blogs provide instant global access and a feedback channel that is of great value to the smart companies who know they should be in on the conversations about them and their products. Intuiting how customers are thinking and feeling about your product is as close as engaging them in real dialog about their experiences with your products. Blogs are an excellent venue for such conversations.

Some of the PR problems the article talks about make the case for why it's important to consider outsourcing your corporate blog to experienced bloggers and writers who can help foresee potential pitfalls and opportunities inherent in strategic internet marketing with blogs.


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Posted by: Stella | Jan 28, 2005 12:22:34 AM

Blogs are an excellent medium and tool. I am hoping to start one soon. Thanks for the information you have offered- it is helpful.

Posted by: scott | Feb 18, 2005 2:24:35 AM