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Intuition Tool: NicheBot

Building customer intuition is all about using available tools to replicate the kind of leading indicators you would get from a face to face interaction with a customer. If you were able to have face time with each of your many customers you would be able to know what they are interested in or passionate about based on the content of your conversation with them.

In the online world what people are interested in gets condensed into search keywords. Tools that help you see and select relevant and effective keywords are essential elements in your customer intuition toolbox.

NichebotNicheBot is a tool that helps you see the effectiveness of your current keywords and help you select new and related keywords. A tool like this helps you to optimize both your keyword advertising and your blog targeting and content development.

Have a look.

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Another tool i have found useful in assessing my customers are Live Chat services that allow you to see the customer Keywords/Search Terms that brought them you your site and well as interact with visitors in a more natural sales mode.

The one I use is called www.QuickBeep.com

Posted by: Ben S. | Jan 24, 2005 12:04:01 PM