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Jet Blue Gets a Valuable Insight

I hope somebody at the airline Jet Blue reads Slate. If they do they will learn about a leading indicator that at least one prominent customer is using to predict the quality of experience he is going to have with Jet Blue.

I like JetBlue, but some of the planes seem to be getting a little grotty. Five hours inhaling the rich aroma of seats that have been sat in by thousands of sweaty travelers on the packed flights of an airline that can't afford to deep clean the interior too often--not so pleasant! But JetBlue also has lots of new planes, and I've discovered a secret, near-foolproof way to tell the new ones from the old ones without memorizing tail numbers: They all have a "name" painted on the nose, a name with the word "Blue" in it. The earlier, older planes got the obvious names ("True Blue"). Later planes, of necessity, got more far-fetched names ("Here's Looking at Blue, Kid"). In other words, you can tell how skanky your JetBlue plane is going to be by how stupid its name is. The stupider the better. When I saw that the plane for my return flight was called "Devil with a Blue Dress," my heart soared. Sure enough, it was a grot-free flight. ... Next time I'm hoping for "Me & You & a Plane Named Blue."
This is the kind of valuable insight into your own operations that you can garner from tracking your business name and keywords on blogs. Better get over to Technorati and set up some watchlists and keyword search feeds right away. Especially if you are with Jet Blue, you'll want to find out how many blogs are picking up on this comment from Slate.

via B2Day

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