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Intuition Tool: Technorati Watchlists, So What?

Logo200407 OK, so you are convinced that you need to track relevant conversations with tools like Technorati Watchlists, now what. Well, if you have been to Technorati and set up some watchlists for relevant keywords and phrases I hope you have put the resulting RSS feeds into your news reader. While the snippets of text they provide are not useful in and of themselves they are helpful in couple of ways:

Discusion Discovery - this is the advertised or anticipated use. If you track your company name or product, customer, competitor name in a search you can discover mentions of these words in places you were not previously aware of. This can help you gauge public opinion, participate in discussions, receive feedback, spot mounting PR crisis, etc.

Discover Locations of Future Relevant Conversations - Watchlist results can help you discover new blogs that you should be subscribing to in your newsreader. When the same source shows up multiple times in your results it is a good indicator that that source frequently mentions your keywords of interest.

A recent pass through my Technorati watchlists didn't find anything of new or real value re: the search terms it did lead me to discover three or four new new blogs that found there way into my newsreader.

As more and more blogs come online tools like Technorati Watchlists are extremely helpful for finding relevant discussions and places where relevant discussions will take place.

It's important to remember that Technorati only searches and tracks sites with RSS feeds. That's why it's important to uses Google Alerts to keep alert to your customers all across the web.

For more on tools that help you track leading indicators for customer behavior, what we call customer intuition check Customer Intuition Tools

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Actually Technorati searches the full text of posts, not just RSS feeds.

Glad you were able to get some good use out of Technorati Watchlists!


Posted by: David Sifry | Feb 25, 2005 10:55:07 PM