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Airline Websites Not Intuitive About Customers

Further evidence that airlines need help with their efforts to intuit the needs and wants of their customers. ClickZ reports on a study evaluating the customer experience of both airline and travel agency websites. The results are telling:

"But online agencies are also creating a better overall online experience for customers and this is a significant contributor to the success of these sites over airline sites. The airlines are just not fully capitalizing on their loyalty programs and direct ties to the customer."

Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity, in that order, were the top three ranked sites in the study, scoring significantly higher in terms of customer experience and conversion than any airline site with the exception of Southwest.

Budget carriers Southwest and JetBlue outranked market-leading airlines in terms of both customer experience and conversion.

Airlines are not capitalizing on their direct connections with their customers. How are you capitalizing on your direct connections with customers? Would they rather buy from someone else because the experience is better or the interface easier? Time to take a close look at your own operations.

While you are at it, take a look at your competitors. Are they doing anything new this week? Have they started a blog? What does their e-mail marketing look like? Could you be doing a better job?

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