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Reminders by Instant Messanger

SmarterChild is an interactive chat bot that among other things can provide timed reminder prompts for events or to-do items via Instant Messaging.

Try this: add the screen name SmarterChild to your IM buddy list. Message SmarterChild the word “reminder.” (If this is your first time, answer a couple of questions first about your time zone and age.) Enter “lunch with Special Friend” and set your reminder for 12:45. You’ll get an IM from SmarterChild right on time.
Instant Messaging is a valuable and underutilized tool in the workplace. If you aren't using it why not experiment with it. You just may find a new way to serve your customers with better communication.


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AIM is no longer a tool used by high school kids to see what is happening for the weekend; it is becoming more practical in the work place. Using AIM is a lot less tedious than using e-mail and can be customized in design with icons.

Now it can be used by executives who want to keep a conversation going without a phone to their ear. AIM is kind of like a walkie talkie conversation held on the computer. Using this reminder tool helps alot and hopefully more options like this will direct even more attention to online conversation via AIM.

Posted by: Kevin | Mar 7, 2005 12:11:52 PM

SmarterChild seems not to be avaialble for MSN. Correct?

Posted by: Raphael | Mar 8, 2005 12:54:40 PM