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Change Something: Be Remarkable

Seth makes a great point relevant to email marketers. People are interested in things that change. His two examples are bank signs that give you dynamic real time updates on current time and temperature and Gmail that frequently increases the amount of storage space users have access to. People are attracted to what's new and changed.

This is an important point for those who are publishing and/or writing email marketing newsletters. If you aren't providing new content and fresh ideas people will ignore your efforts. Can you formulate change plans for your offerings? You should have a plan for changing how you present your information so that your offerings are fresh and remarkable. Saying the same things in the same way month after month will quickly get your newsletter ignored by readers looking for fresh and new.

In order to be remarkable your product, newsletter, service, experience must be worth talking about. We see this all the time. If Gmail launched with 100MB of storage it wouldn't have been remarkable. It launched with 1GB. At the time that was remarkable! Recently, Google upped the ante and increased storage to 2GB. Again, something remarkable.

Are you doing remarkable things? Are you doing a remarkable newsletter to tell your clients about it? Want to?


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Without wishing to do down the change-for-changes-sake route...
Do you think it's worth periodically changing the design and layout of the newsletter (perhaps marginally) just to keep interest going?

Posted by: Richard Leader | Apr 27, 2005 9:13:44 AM


Thanks for your comment. Yes, I think it's worth changing the design and layout of a newsletter if and only if you have a good reason that's relevant to the reader to do so. If you are making changes to enhance legibility, go for it. If you are making changes to cram in more content or advertising, think twice. Is it really in the best interests of the readers? If you sign up for our BeTuitive newsletter (link on left sidebar) you will see a technique we use to keep our newsletters fresh and visually interesting.

Posted by: Peter Davidson | Apr 27, 2005 12:13:34 PM

I totally agree to your theory to grab attention and keep it...but sometimes the brand identity might come in the way of noticeable change.

Whats the way out then?

Armand Rousso

Posted by: Armand Rousso | May 16, 2005 6:02:51 AM