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Only 3,000 Wake Up With Target

I posted before about the customer intuition flash that created an opportunity for Target to insert a marketing promotion directly into the lives of their customers. Last Thanksgiving weekend they designed a promotion that invited people to sign-up online to receive a celebrity "wake-up call" for the busy post Thanksgiving shopping days of Friday and Saturday. I thought the promotion was smart as it acknowledged the existing customer behavior (getting up early to go shopping) and delivered a fun experience for customers while communicating a brand message.

We now know the rest of the story. Target Corporations, Scott Himes reports that only 3,000 people signed up to receive the wake up calls. I speculated before that savvy consumers are increasingly aware that promotions like these despite their fine print are often vehicles to build telemarketing lists.

I still give Target credit for finding a way to insert their brand into the existing behavior patterns of their customers. Perhaps with better disclosure of how the phone numbers will be used and better overall promotion this idea will succeed in the future.

The question remains. How have you found creative ways to insert your brand or message into the existing behavior patterns of your customers?


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