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Communication Tool: PDA2speak

Pda2speakIt's late you've been traveling, speaking and traveling all day. Now you are exhausted and stuck in the cramped back seat of a cab on the way home from the airport. It's dark and just what is that smell? You've got to get your thoughts together because you need to reply to that customer's email you read on your BlackBerry while you waited for your bags. Yes, but you are too tired to type the response and besides it's too dark in this cab. It's after hours, you could call and leave a voicemail but you'd have no record of your response.

Sound familiar? Now there is a tool you can use to send voice messages by email. The folks at 2speak have developed PDA2Speak is a service that enables you to send a VoIP based voice email message from a BlackBerry or smart phone to another BlackBerry or a PC. The service also sends you a record copy.

This service is especially useful when the subtleties of human voice tone are useful or essential.

BB Hub has a quick overview here.

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