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B2B Relationship Tool: Hollywood Loves IM

Wired News reports on a new trend in Hollywood.

Freelance/Contract/Consulting people in need of work are using their IM status messages to indicate their availability for work. The messages typically indicate "Away from computer." but are editable to indicate that an individual needs/is available for work. Producers who are looking for short term production help are able to scan their "buddy list" to see who is available. Saves the time and effort of calling each contact to see who is working and who is available.

This is perhaps a killer-ap for the use of IM in the workplace. IM could be a useful tool as part of a B2B relationship. Is there a role for IM in your workflow? A mention of this Wired article and an article about IM in your business would be a good content item for your next email newsletter.

[Never IM in This Town Again]

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