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How Are You Using Flickr?

Flickr LogoBy now you should be using or at least familiar with Flickr the insanely great photo sharing service. Hopefully you have taken my suggestion to set up some customer intuition tracking functions with Flickr using the available RSS feeds or if you aren't yet using an RSS reader you can now use Notifyr a service that will send you or anyone you select an email when a Flickr page updates.

This is useful for tracking tagged photos of specific people, places or things(products). Flickr is also a useful place to be sure that your people, company, products or services are discoverable. Take time to set up an account, upload, tag and group some photos so that prospects searching for your company, product or industry will have something to find that will lead them back to you and your company. These shouldn't be marketing shots. Those will be viewed as sp*m. Your photos should be candid and relate to your company culture.

Get out there and feed the market before the wrong message is sent about the people who work for your company. Turns out there are some people who can't seen to park well at Yahoo.

So, How are you using Flickr?

Customer Intuition Tool: Try a Photo Contest
Get into Flickr

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