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Parking Hacks

LifeHacker has a short list of ways to keep track of your car in large parking lots.

Write down the location in your datebook. If you carry around a calendar on your person, mark down which row and level you parked on in the corner of today’s entry. This is a great way to keep track of your car on a day-to-day basis.
Snap a picture. Carrying a cameraphone? Shoot a picture of the “You Parked in Row 5 of the Bluebird Level”-type sign nearest your car.
Note the landmarks. No signs? Look where you are in relationship to the major landmarks around you. For example, are you about 2/3rds of the way down the row that starts with the T in Target? Let the landmarks be your guide.
Tell a friend. When you involve other people, chances increase that one of you will remember where you parked the car.
Tag your car. It may be dorky. It may be something your Dad would do, but adding a unique-looking ornament to the top of your antenna can help you pick your car out of a sea of vehicles. My dad uses an old yellow tennis ball.
Unlock and relock. Got a keyless remote? Go ahead and press the lock/unlock button a few times. Your car should beep at you when you lock it.
Use GPS. Have you ever visited the Renaissance Festival with its converted fields and acres of cars and no signage whatsoever? Thats when a GPS unit really comes in handy. Just “mark” your location when you get out of the car and follow the little arrow back when you’re ready to leave. Sure, you have to carry around a several-ounce special-purpose gadget, but consider the convenience, not to mention the geek factor!

I'd add to the list:

Call Your Voicemail. If you work in a large building with a large lot get in the habit of calling your own voicemail and leaving location clues on your voicemail for review before you leave at the end of the day.
Open your remote trunk/tailgate. If your car is so equipped pop your remote trunk/tailgate release as a visual signal device. Works great in airport lots.
Post It Flags. I once visited an office on a high floor with a view of the parking lot from their reception area. On the window were colored post-it flags that literally pointed to individual cars. Each employee had their own flag color and each day they moved the flag to point to where they had parked that day. On the way out of the office a glance out the window reminded them where they parked.

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