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Building Customer Relationships: Note Taking

Earlier I mentioned the importance of tracking contact communication patterns. I suggested taking notes on each communication you have with your customer and prospect contacts. While this sounds labor intensive it sets you up to deepen your relationship with your contacts.

Being able to quickly pull up detailed notes about each contact gives you the opportunity to build your relationship with that contact by “remembering” relevant details from prior communications.

When Jane calls you'll have more than just her order history at your finger tips. Your notes will help you build your personal relationship and rapport with her by recalling her wedding anniversary because she mentioned the date in a phone call 14 months ago. Oh, and it's soccer season and you read on her blog that her middle son plays, so you ask her how he's playing.

These personal touches are appreciated in a world of self service and high volume customer communication.

Your contacts will be so touched by the details you “remember” that they won't care that you are using a database(instead of brainpower) to catalog and recall them.

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