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Four Steps to A Fantastic Email Newsletter: Free Webinar Today!

Todd Smart, President of BeTuitive Marketing, LLC has been giving talks lately on Four Keys to Creating Fantastic Email Newsletters. Today at 12 CDT he's doing a free webinar talking about the four keys and more. A great way to spend your lunch hour.

Free Webinar
Today 12 CDT
Four Steps to Fantastic Newsletters
Todd Smart

Sign Up for the Webinar by email

If you haven't done the Webinar thing, come on along it's easy. Simply email Sarah and she will send you a URL, a phone number and pin number. At the appropriate time you go to the URL and dial in on the phone number. You'll see graphics on the website and hear the audio on your phone. Cool, no?

Todd Smart: FAQ on Email Newsletters
How to Send an Email Newsletter
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