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How to Send an Email Newsletter

A lot of people are getting started with email newsletters. It's because permission marketing e-newsletters work. Not only do they communicate important information about a company and their offerings or promotions they can provide a wealth of information if they are tracked properly. Many new email marketers are challenged by success. Most marketers start with a smaller list and simply use rudimentary tools to create and send small scale bulk email newsletters. The challenge comes when you need to scale your list and your sending capacity. Common tools like Microsoft Office and Outlook can only handle limited lists.

When you are figuring out how to send email newsletters don't forget that a successful effort will lead to growth of your list and the importance of the content you include. When your list grows significantly one of the opportunities you have is to segment your list based on identifiers of your subscribers. Why should everyone receive the message in the same way? If you self publish, this can complicate your life dramatically. You need to compose multiple(perhaps hundreds) of different versions of each issue of you e-newsletter, you need to segment your list and send those different versions to the different segments. You can see how this complicates the administration process.

While that's taking up your time you need to produce high quality content that performs. If you are struggling to keep up with a successful newsletter you certainly don't want the quality of your newsletter to vary from issue to issue. If your quality dips subscribers will unsubscribe in droves. Producing and writing a consistent high quality email marketing newsletter takes a lot of planning and time.

All of that and we haven't even talked about the opportunities for specific sales lead information. Properly designed email newsletters can provide trackable click streams that can be interpreted to determine real sales leads for your sales departments.

All of this gets overwhelming. So you look for solutions. One option is to get some more sophisticated email software that has some increased functionality for sending email newsletters. These can be extremely costly for individual companies and present new administrative headaches as you now have a new learning curve to deal with.

A better option is to go with an outsourcing company who can utilize state-of-the-art software to compose, manage and send your newsletters. An outsourced solution to your email marketing can provide a full solution from list building, segmentation management, content creation, bulk email sending, sales lead mining, performance reporting, etc.

Sure you could add staff and sophisticated software or you can get started and achieve your ROI targets faster by outsourcing your efforts. We're not talking about off-shoring, we're talking about taking just three minutes to request a pricing quote from a group of email newsletter professionals in Chicago. Requesting a price quote simply begins a dialog about how BeTuitive Marketing LLC can create a solution that helps you grow your relationships and build your business.

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