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NYT:A $79.95 Opportunity to Breeze Through Security

Incentives are at work to streamline the security screening for frequent travelers:

If Mr. Brill gets his way (and he usually does), his company's Clear Registered Traveler Program could soon have many members paying $79.95 each year to obtain an identity card that allows them to pass through airport checkpoints without being treated like a prisoner being hustled to the cellblock.

New business is seeing revenue in helping people get through the security at airports. Let the gaming of the system begin. The critics, not just the privacy activists, are making good points also:

Not all frequent travelers like the idea. David J. Silbey, a history professor who travels frequently, said that expediting the journey comfortably for the most frequent, and therefore most influential, travelers could “reduce pressure significantly” to enact necessary changes in standard airport security.

This is similar to what has happened with the terminal experience where airlines have learned that they can build special treatment pens for their frequent/good customers and let everyone else languish with an ever decreasing quality of experience in the terminal. They would charge for chairs if they could.

If you are a frequent yet un privileged traveler how do you feel when airlines cater to their “Platinum” members at the expense of everyone else? Does it encourage you to upgrade into the club or does it just add resentment to the travel experience?

NYT:A $79.95 Opportunity to Breeze Through Security

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