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Todd Smart: FAQ on Email Newsletters

Hey, no kidding, I am more and more impressed with the BeTuitive Newsletter. I am not on the team that publishes that baby so every month I get a chance to read it fresh just like everyone else who has signed up for it.

This month's issue has several great items in it. I am going to link to one of them but if you find it valuable you should take just two minutes and make sure you sign up to receive future issues directly.

In the August issue Todd Smart, President of BeTuitive, presents some insights into the use of email newsletters for marketing. It's a great piece responding to several frequently asked questions about email newsletters. Here's just one answer that I found interesting:

How do we decide on content?

Todd: You must make the recipient's life better in some way with the information you provide. It's different with every business. The surest way to go about it is to ask referral sources, prospects and customers what their pain points are. Ask them: “What information would be so valuable to you right now that you'd be willing to pay for it?” Create, find or buy that information — and then give it to them for free to grow your relationships.

What content to put into your newsletter is only part of the whole picture. Is also important to understand how your newsletter can work for you:

How do you turn what people are reading into leads?

Todd: What I know for sure is this: What people read is a leading indicator for future purchasing.

Take me — I'm not a car guy, and I don't seek out information on cars unless I'm in the market for one. Then, when I'm looking to buy, I buy magazines and look up all kinds of information to help me make the right decision. Anyone with the power to track my reading behavior would know that I'm looking to buy a car.

For instance, we have a client who wants to measure interest in Voiceover IP. So, we run articles in their newsletter with headlines like, “Pre-planning for VoIP.” That information
[click-thrus] can easily be fed to sales as a lead.

Todd has more valuable nuggets to share. Read these and also find out four keys to doing a great newsletter.

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