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Writing Memorable Newsletters: Focus

Once you have properly identified a theme for your newsletter issue it's important to stay focused on that theme. Many newsletters will contain one article on theme and then go on about filling the issue with a laundry list of scattered unrelated elements. Your readers are more likely to remember your newsletter as a valuable resource if all the elements of an issue support a particular theme. Everything from the subject line to the graphics, and pictures needs to play a supporting and reinforcing role.

Many publishers feel that each issue needs to “have something for everyone” and so they offer articles on a variety of subjects and themes. In doing this each topic is only addressed on a surface level and from one perspective. A focused newsletter issue provides multiple voices and perspectives and more in depth information. A focused newsletter can easily be labeled and filed for future reference or more importantly forwarded to friends and colleagues who your readers feel would benefit from the theme.

If you want your newsletter to demonstrate your companies thought leadership and industry expertise you should definitely do email newsletters with clear themes and focused content that supports and reinforces those themes.

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