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5 Tips for Promoting your Blog to Popular Bloggers

OK, so by now you are totally “tuned-in” to blogs and all the wonderful things they can do to help spread the word about you, your company and your ideas. You've seen the power of good blog PR. A mention or two on a prominent blog and traffic to your own blog soars. But their doesn't seem to be any formula for getting those mentions. You keep sending those press releases and you submit every post you write to the popular sites but still the results are hit and miss. You decide to try harder. You begin to email everything to everyone hoping to up the percentage of signal by producing more noise.

Wrong, wrong wrong. You're thinking broadcast in a relationship world. Bloggers, especially popular bloggers, can smell self promotion a mile away. They aren't the PR department for your business or blog. They want relevant value for their own audience. They want information that fits their blog and their voice. If you want their help promoting your ideas you need to know and understand their ideas. This is more complex then building a bigger email list of “marketing” bloggers to whom you can spew send your latest press release. This is about using all the tips and tools of customer intuition to build your blog PR Intuition.

Participate - You need to seriously read and participate in conversations on blogs. Leave relevant value adding comments. Use trackbacks where appropriate.

Link - If you want popular blogs to link to you be sure that you have already linked to them.

Explain Yourself - Don't just submit a URL or send a press release, talk to the blogger. Write a brief personal message explaining why you think a blogger and their audience will be interested in what you have to say.

Thank A Blogger - When a popular blog links to you and you see a good pop in your traffic and/or more inbound links send a brief thank you. Most bloggers are interested in the effects of their blogging. They'll be interested in brief accounts of what their blog does for others.

Be Human - When you are looking to spread your ideas treat others like humans not just email addresses. It's not about broadcasting it's about relationships.

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Nice article.. I can link your blog to mine.. if you are interested..


Posted by: squire | Feb 2, 2006 8:53:36 PM

Excellent tips. Thank you.

Posted by: James | Feb 2, 2006 10:46:45 PM

Thanks, Peter, for this particular blog entry...very timely and practical. Our blog is only a few months old. We're just beginning to get comments from our clients, partners, and associates. You're right the best ones are the ones that add value to our readership...and the ones that are self-promoters can be seen a mile away.


btw, i have your blog listed on our site.

Posted by: sridhar ramanathan | Feb 12, 2006 7:39:36 PM

Another great tool you can use to promote a blog is heynounce.com
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Posted by: hambo | Apr 14, 2006 4:04:44 PM