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Newsletter Service: what are people saying about you?

Posted on December 14, 2004 by Sarah Eaton.

Do you have any idea what your clients and prospects are saying behind your back? 

Just the other day I heard one of your clients mentioning to his assistant that he thinks your new hairstyle is frumpy and that you only call him when he's behind on invoice payments.

Let's face it--both of those things are true.  That haircut sort of makes you look like your mom, and you only call people when you need something.  I know these aren't things you want to hear, but wouldn't you rather find out now, instead of after your client has left because he doesn't feel like you care about him?

Good news: you can find out what your clients are thinking.  How?  By asking.  With a survey!

Link to MarketingProfs article.

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