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Take Baby Steps, You Overachiever

Posted on January 25, 2005 by Sarah Eaton.

Face it, smarty-pants, you cannot possibly do everything.  Not by tomorrow, not by next week, not even if you start sleeping in your office.  Some sound advice from Sean D'Souza on cutting the chaos in your goal-setting:

  • Step One: Get yourself a sheet of paper and a pen. No need to be extravagant. A Post-It will do nicely. Turn off your computer. Otherwise you'll get some darned email and this plan of yours will turn to custard.
  • Step Two: Write down the three main projects to be achieved and by how much.
  • Step Three: Post the Post-It on your wall, computer—wherever you can see it.
  • Step Four: Extravagance is in order. List everything you need to do to achieve those three main projects. You can use the format above.
  • Step Five: Drink a tomato juice. You've earned it. If this plan took all day to write down, add vodka.


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