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Cut through the Clutter, Slice through the Saturation

Posted on February 23, 2005 by Sarah Eaton.

Skip's post on marketing for seminar attendance is excellent, thinking back to our recent webinar with the always stellar Brian Carroll.  (Hmmm.  That sounds a tad conceited.  But really I'm just complimenting our great taste in speakers and thinkers.)

The most sage phrase in my opinion:

...we need to be smart and use the power of repetition to cut through the clutter in the overloaded, saturated environment in which we live.

Here's what we did:

We put out the invite in our e-newsletter, then Peter and I posted invites on our blogs, and then our fearless leader Todd sent out personal e-invitations.  We had a full house for the event, but it took persistence and planning. 

I'm not saying we did it exactly the right way and that we won't vary our methods in the future--there's nothing we love more at BeTuitive than testing and re-testing to find methodology perfection--but cutting through the clutter is key. 

And, I'm not so blind that I don't realize I'm advocating cutting through the clutter by adding to it.  But we really can't call genuine efforts to add value to our contacts' lives "clutter," can we?  What do you think?   

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