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It's True. I Am a Nerd.

Posted on March 30, 2005 by Sarah Eaton.

Imagine this scenario, if you will: a group of friends has just completed a rousing game of kickball.  The main character (all right, it's me) says, "Well, I'm heading to the library now."  All of the peripheral characters practically fall over laughing.  "The library?" they say.  "You gigantic nerd, why are you going to the library?"

Now probably, because you read "kickball," "library," and "[taunting] friends" in the previous paragraph, you might think that all of this happened in fourth grade.

But, um...that scene took place fairly recently. 

The truth is that I love the library.  I love the library because I love to read.  I love to read because I love to learn.  (Okay, so yes, they were right to call me a nerd.)

I think it’s important to stretch my brain every day; I like to get better at things.  And improve my vocabulary.  And think about sentence construction.  (Okay, so yes, they were right to call me a gigantic nerd, but I wear that moniker proudly.)

That’s why I’m so pumped about the company book club that BeTuitive has begun in the name of continuous learning. 

Look for reviews of books that my co-workers and I have read to be posted here periodically.

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I can't say that i go to the library for recreation or to strengthen my literacy for fun. But i find that when studying for exams, writing papers, or conducting research, the library always wins.

Being a Depaul student, i have access to one of the nicest libraries in Chicago with four floors of books, newspapers, magazines, computers, and media section. School keeps me going with my literary skills, vocab, and sentence structuring. The only time i ever have to read is an occasional New York Times article or Rolling Stone magazine, which leaves me in no position to suggest possible upcoming books or recommend my favorites besides the Davinci Code.

In helping people with continuous learning, i suggest using www.lexusnexus.com, which serves as the ultimate library at my fingertips for reference and research.

Posted by: Kevin | Mar 30, 2005 2:54:05 PM

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