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Know Your CMOs

Posted on March 21, 2005 by Sarah Eaton.

Golly, but those CMO-types sure are busy and enigmatic folks.  Lucky for us, MarketingSherpa put out an article in which the CMO's thinking patterns are de-mystified.  It lists a bunch of dos and don'ts for marketers trying to capture their attention:

My favorite do:

Do #4. Concise, personalized emails that identify a business problem the CMO knows he has or convinces him he'll soon have -- coupled with suggestions on how you've solved the problem for other relevant businesses the CMO actually knows or has heard of.

My favorite don't:

Don't #1. It should go without saying that marketing savvy CMOs are highly resistant to the standard "fodder" companies still send out. Run-of-the-mill collateral coupled with vague benefits statements such as, "We'll help you increase your bottom line," will be instantly trashed.

Get all their advice here.

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No wonder those CMOs are so mysterious. If you read the latest CMO Magazine piece on getting ROI on marketing efforts, "Running the Numbers," you'll see how increasingly difficult the CMOs burden has become.

Below is my favorite snippet of the article. http://www.cmomagazine.com/read/030105/running_numbers.html

"Here's all you really need to remember as a marketing manager. It is your job to:

Raise cash flows in volume and number
Accelerate cash flows so that they start as early as possible
Prolong cash flows so that they last as long as possible
Minimize the risk to cash flows so that surprises are avoided?"

Posted by: Susan Fisher | Mar 21, 2005 12:52:41 PM

Just like with any high-level decision maker you deal with, you must directly:

* Identify the intersection point between a decision-maker's issues that they are currently dealing with and your solutions (if, in fact, an intersection point exists at all), AND

* Demonstrate the value associated with that intersection point that meets a hurdle-rate ROI that will show up on that executive's radar screen.

We have spent 3-1/2 years developing a tool to help us get there from a marketing, lead generation and sales perspective ... the solution is appropriately named Executive Link (www.salesbuilders.com/execlink.asp).

Posted by: Scott Jones | Mar 22, 2005 8:17:14 AM

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