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Unplug to Connect

Posted on March 14, 2005 by Sarah Eaton.

It's pretty common knowledge that getting away from it all can help to rejuvenate your spirit, essentially creating a Brand New You who's ready to jump back in to work pursuits with unrestrained vigor.

While we may all know that, there are those of us who, even while lazing on a white sand beach, are still thinking about those email messages piling up, one after another, relentlessly, just waiting for us to return.  And we're just not. able. to. relax.

Unscrunch your shoulders, and read Todd Smart's ideas for taking control of information overload, like:

  • Scaling back on multitasking
  • Separating business & personal communications
  • Turning off technology that causes distractions

Read the rest of his suggestions here.  Apply them to your own life, and you'll feel like you're lazing on a beach every day, even when you're at the office.  Well, not really.  But close.

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