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Make People Want to Read Your Stuff

Posted on April 21, 2005 by Sarah Eaton.

Two points today, that I shall stitch together loosely to form, if you will, a sort of mismatched pair of conjoined twins:

1. Happier is healthier, according to this Wired News article.  And that old saw "laughter is the best medicine" turns out to be true, too.

2. According to the DoubleClick Q4 Email Trend Report, open rates have fallen again, to an average of 32.6%. 

Why are the open rates falling?  One reason is an overabundance of information.  I get approximately eleventy billion newsletters a day--I like to see what everyone else is doing--and I open and glance at a lot of them.  But there are some that I read all the time. 

What differentiates those that I read from those that I don't?  Two things: they consistently give me good information, or they are in some way amusing (contain lively language, odd points of view, or are downright funny).  Or both.  If they do both, I open that sucker every time it lands in my inbox.

If you inject your communication with amusing tidbits, you will make a more lasting impression.  Plus, you will lower the blood pressure of everyone on your list.  And they will thank you by opening your communication again the next time. 

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I agree %100 on the two reasons why i would open a newsletter. I recieve newsletters about upcoming concerts, special events, and hydrogen energy to name a few. The first reason i open the letters is becuase i subscribed to them. However, the reason why i have stuck with the ones today, is becuase of their consistent, relevant, interesting, and entertaining content.

http://www.mpshows.com informs me of upcoming concerts in chicago. http://www.greatdoings.com has a terrific newsletter of upcoming chicago benefits and galas. Lastly, http://www.hydrogenenergycenter.org/ provides up-to-date info on current hydrogen energies breakthroughs.

Posted by: Kevin | Apr 25, 2005 2:32:05 PM

Humor can be an great tool for effective marketing. Of course, the trick is to be sensitive to your target audience and use the appropriate humor.
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Posted by: Susan | Apr 25, 2005 2:33:34 PM

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