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Rights for Bloggers

Posted on April 19, 2005 by Sarah Eaton.

I've been thinking about the NYTimes article about bloggers being fired for (personal) blogging.  (Of course we all knew about The Queen of Sky and Troutgirl.)

In personal blogs, people blog about their lives; for most people, work is a pretty big part of life.  It's bound to come up every now and again.

So what's the solution for the blogger?  Blog anonymously?  That doesn't seem quite right...

So what of the company, then?  Forced acceptance of the blogosphere?  Yeah...that might not work either.

Baby steps, maybe.  Employees will blog.  The person sitting in the next office may even be blogging right now.  And there will be even more employees blogging as time passes. 

Why not set up a company blog that can give voice and personality to your company's opinions and policies and practices?  If you don't feel comfortable having an employee act as a company representative (or you don't want to add to employees' already-full plates), outsource it to someone else who you feel confident will follow your guidelines.

Why not open up the discussion instead of closing it down?

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It seems that many of these people were unaware of the repercussions for personal blogging. Since blogging is becoming such an abundant practice amongst internet folk, the companies should recognize this by addressing and assessing the situation. Why not update the company policy manual so it is black and white for all to read on what is accepted and not, or simply encourage a safe haven where employees and employers can freely talk about the daily grind. It's all about reaching a concensus for positive group synergy.

Posted by: Kevin | Apr 25, 2005 2:17:06 PM

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