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Sales and Marketing: Like It or Not, They're Connected

Posted on April 27, 2005 by Sarah Eaton.

A major part of my job here at BeTuitive is working with statistics, compiling data, analyzing it, and then creating reports for our clients that, in the best-case scenario, provide them with truly actionable results. 

Actionable in my world means you can pass this information along to your sales team, and it will be helpful to them in their everlasting quest for more sales, better sales, and better customers.  And then all those shiny increased sales will look great when it comes time for marketers to show how much you're worth.

The perpetually excellent B2B Lead Generation Blog has a great post today with seven lead generation tips.  My favorite of the bunch (perhaps because it pertains to list management, another subject dear to my heart) is this:

Develop a good house list – purchased lists have limitations.  Even the best lists are not 100% accurate.  During the planning phase you should make sure your list fits your ideal customer profile.  Even if you are doing a direct mail campaign it is important that you purchase a list that includes as much information as possible so that it can be used for future marketing campaigns.  Enlist your sales team to help you update your database with new information as they follow-up on leads.


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