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I'm Pretty Sure Philip K. Dick Winked at Me

Posted on June 27, 2005 by Sarah Eaton.

DickSo on Wednesday when I went to the Next Music Fest, I picked up the exhibition catalog for NextFest, which meant I had a couple of days to pore it over and amp up my expectations.

Bottom line: Nothing is as cool as my imagination (that was some good marketing material), but there was still some awfully cool stuff there.

Unfortunately for you, I am forgetful.  So there are no photographs, and you'll have to rely on my word-pictures.

My hands-down favorite was the Philip K. Dick robot (sculpture pictured), which (or maybe who?) was truly, awe-inspiringly creepy and amazing.  Groups of ten people were ushered into an approximate duplication of his living room, where Phil sat on the couch.  He looked around at all of us, made eye contact (seriously, I'm pretty sure he winked at me), and answered our questions.  He was malfunctioning a tad, so it was rather like consulting the Oracle at Delphi must have been.

Sample question: "What do you think of the uncanny valley?"

Answer: "Thinking about my dead sister makes me angry."


And, this was my favorite overheard snippet of conversation:  While oohing and aahing over Baba Ghanoush and Tahini (the cat and his clone), I heard a little boy who was about seven years old say, "Are they robots?" 

Again, hmmmm.

The future is an interesting place.

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