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The Disadvantages of Saying "Yes"

Posted on June 01, 2005 by Sarah Eaton.

I just read an article by Kathleen Tomes about the advantages of working with "yes"-people.  (Those are the people who try to find a way to get things done rather than just cutting off a project or request, like the "no"-people do.)

Most of the time when people ask me to do something, even if it seems impossible, I'll tell them that I'll try to find a way to get them what they want.  I guess that makes me a "yes"-person. 

The problem with being a "yes"-person is that sometimes things really can't be done.  And sometimes I'm just not the right person for the job.  Being a "yes"-person can lead to coming in with lower-than-expected results for those people you told yes.  It can even lead to frustration and resentment. 

While I agree that it sure is nice to work with people who tell you they can do the things you want them to, I'd propose that there is a third category, made up of "maybe"-people that is actually the desirable kind of person to be (and to work with). 

These "maybe"-people still embody all of the good characteristics of the "yes"-person (helpful, eager, willing to learn), but also know their limitations.  No one should say yes to everything.  And I would rather have someone tell me no because they can't do it, and then find someone who can tell me yes, because they actually can.

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